Annual Tax Bill

The Town of Dedham issues an annual tax bill. The first half is due 30 days after commitment and the second half is due 180 days after commitment. Interest will accrue from the 31st day and then the 181st day until payment is received. Interest is determined at the June Town Meeting. The State of Maine currently provides several programs to assist residents in paying their property taxes:

  • Homestead Exemption - This exemption currently provides a $ 10,000 reduction in a property's taxable valuation. The property on which you are claiming this exemption must be your primary residence and you must have owned homestead property in the State of Maine for at least one year. Application form is linked above. 
  • Veteran's Exemption - This exemption currently provides a $ 6,000 reduction in a property's taxable valuation. You must complete the linked form and submit it with a copy of your (or your spouse's) DD-214 or VA Form 20-544a or other proof of term of service. Generally available for veterans over age 62, although younger veterans may apply if they are considered more than 30% disabled. 
  • Tree Growth taxation - This program allows for undeveloped land to be valued by the type and amount of trees growing on it, rather than on a per acre basis. A lot must be at least 10 acres in size. A tree growth management plan, prepared by a forester, must be filed with the town assessor's agent in order to qualify for this program. 
  • Property Tax Fairness Credit- This credit can be claimed on your Maine Tax Return if your property taxes exceed a stated percentage of your income. Here's more information.