Voting and Elections

When are elections scheduled? The annual town meeting and elections are held in June. Special town meetings may be called by the Board of Selectmen during the year as needed. Historically, a special town meeting has been scheduled in October to set the mil rate. Notices of elections are posted at the Town Office. Elections are held at the Dedham Fire Station and town meetings are held at the Dedham School or the Dedham Municipal Building.

The Secretary of State sets the date and times for State and Federal elections.

How do I register to vote? The State of Maine allows residents to register to vote any time - including the day of election. Residents may register to vote at the Town Office - unless it its during the period in which the voting list has been sealed (7 days prior to the election). Persons attempting to register during this period will be instructed to register at the polling place on election day.

Absentee voting: Effective April 10, 2000, Maine has "no reason" absentee voting. The law permits absentee ballots to be cast at any election by any voter who properly requests a ballot. A voter may cast his/her absentee ballot at the Town Office during regular office hours. Absentee ballots are available approximately 30 days prior to the election, and must be requested no later than the third business day before an election. Absentee ballots may be requested by the following means:

  • Telephone
  • In writing (voter or immediate family member)
  • In person (voter or immediate family member)

Election day workers: If you are interested in working at the polls or counting ballots on election day, please contact the Town Office for information. The town maintains a database of persons willing to serve in this capacity.

For more information concerning elections in Maine, contact the Secretary of State