Sunset Rock and Sunset Road

Statement by the Board of Overseers Regarding Sunset Road and Sunset Rock

Sunset Road is in poor condition. The recent increase in traffic to Sunset Rock has increased our concerns about the undermining and instability of the road in several places.  The Overseers are reviewing an engineering study done last year regarding the actions needed to correct these conditions and are discussing the project with a contractor.  A survey has been conducted to locate the legal right of way for the road as a preliminary step.  The project is contingent on a drainage easement and other administrative matters which are being negotiated.  Sunset Rock, a part of Great Pond Mountain Conservation Trust, located at the end of Sunset Road is an important asset for our community and the public.  Our aim is to restore the road for the use of residents and sunset Rock visitors as soon as possible.  Until the work is completed, we request your patience and cooperation in minimizing traffic on the road.  If high traffic or weather conditions continue to degrade the road, Sunset Rock will be closed to the public and the road restricted to residents only.  Thank you for your support of our efforts.

The Overseers


Informational Piece Regarding ATV Use on Lucerne Roads