Burn Permit

The ways to obtain a burn permit in the Town of Dedham:

Permits are issued for burning on weekends, and on weekdays (sometimes limited to only after 5:00pm), depending on weather and other conditions, additional restrictions may be imposed and/or burning may be suspended.


Seasonal Campfire Permits may only be issued by the Fire Chief, or designee. Contact the Fire Department to set up a time for the someone to inspect your fire pit.


The following materials can be burned with a permit:

  • Painted and unpainted wood and demolition debris
  • Wood waste (brush, stumps, lumber, bark, wood chips, shavings, slabs, edgings, slash, and sawdust - must not contain any metal, plastics, coatings, or chemicals)
  • Vegitative growth for hazardous abatement purposes, such as but not limited to, burning of grass fields.
  • The following situations do not require a burn permit:
  • Residential use of outdoor grills and fireplaces for recreational purposes such as preparing food.
  • Recreational campfires kindled when the ground is covered with snow or on frozen bodies of water.

The permittee must:

  • Stay with the fire until it is completely out.
  • The fire shall be fully extinquished before leaving it unattened.
  • Have a written permit in their possession.
  • Assure that no nuisance is created.
  • Follow all safety guidelines and permit conditions.

Visit http://www.maine.gov/doc/mfs/firedanger/fire.shtml for more information!