Engine 371

2015 Spartan ERV is assigned to the Dedham Station and features a 1,250 gallons per minute pump, has 1,000 gallons of water, 20 gallons of class A foam, a top-mounted deck gun, and an LED light tower.

This truck holds 1,200 feet of four inch supply hose, has a 150 foot one and thre-quarter speed lay, 200 feet of one and three-quarter speed lay, has 200 feet of two and one-half rear preconnect attack line, a three hundred foot two and one-half rear attack line with a Blitz-fire monitor.

The truck accompanies a six crewmember crew with five SCBA seats and headsets, Hale portable pump, PPV fan, various saws, two 200 feet of electric cord reels, tools, miscellaneous highway safety equipment, EMS equipment, AED, and four gas meter.